Data Processing, Addressing, List Rental, Wafer Sealing, Insertions, Precancelled Stamping, Fulfillment, Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Booklets

Data Processing

Our staff is extremely well versed in postal regulations.  We realize that for a successful mailing step 1 is data processing. We are able to import lists from a variety of data sources, the most popular being Excel, CSV and TXT delimited. Lists are merged, CASS Certify, NCOA (National Change of Address), duplicates extracted, and typos and address formats are corrected. Lists are USPS Presorted for the optimum delivery and postage savings.  The NCOA changes, Undeliverable Addresses, Duped Addresses and Corrected Addresses can be reported back so you can update your list.

  • Cass Certification (CASS)
  • National Change of Address (NCOA)
  • Merge Mail Lists
  • Dupe Eliminations
  • Address Corrections (Fix Typos and Address Formats)
  • USPS Presort


  • Inkjet capabilities that in addition to the address, intelligent barcode and USPS endorsements we can also print return addresses, indicia, special messages and tag lines.
  • Full color digital envelope printing that allows us to print address, indicia, special messages, tag lines and logos in color.
  • Digital on demand printing of postcard, self-mailers, newsletters. Variable content and variable addresses printed as one operation.

List Rental

Whether you are looking for Business, Consumer or a Specialty list – we have you covered.  We have access to mailing list compilers and with their assistance we seek out the most effective lists for your needs.

Digital Printing

Personalized/Variable printing can be easily accomplished digitally. Merged data from a database (such as mail name and addresses), text and graphics can be changed on each piece as it is being printed. This gives a mail piece that personal touch that consumer like. The digital output can be received in various formats, the most popular being a PDF. Other file formats include EPS, JPG and DOC. The variable information needs to be provided in an Excel, TXT or CSV format.


Saddle-Stitched, Perfect Bound or Spiral bound.  Short run digital booklet printing where you can have quantities as few as 1 is our specialty.  You choose the format we will print and finish it for you.


Have product/printed materials that needs to ship when orders are received?  Our staff can “Pick and Pack” your orders to guarantee that your customer receives the package in an efficient and timely manner.  Inventory reports to monitor the products flow are maintained. We have expertise with USPS, UPS, FedEx and DHL shipping rules and regulations both domestic and international.

Wafer Sealing & PreCancelled Stamping

Wafer sealing to meet all USPS specifications and Stamping capabilities available both on-line, while addressing, or off-line to meet specific criteria.


Specialty and unique insertions are our forte.  No need to hire temporary workers we have a staff that handles all sorts of insertions, personalized, collations and assemblies.  While we have equipment to handle the most common insertions we take pride in the fact that our staff can handle the insertions that require a human touch.

Offset Printing

Perfect and most cost effective for large volume jobs and large format pieces.  Offset printing is the way to go if you need specific color matches or specific spot colors.  More finish styles like high gloss UV coating are possible.

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